Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, it's been awhile... Didn't want anyone to think I forgot about my "bleeding heart" blog that I created in order to get me through TT and turned out to be my therapy after. Its been a year, almost to the date since I arrived at the Radisson Hotel at LAX. A year since embarking on, what I thought would be a yoga teacher training program. Instead what I found was myself and the venue in which I found it was on the yoga mat, in Los Angeles, at the Radisson, concrete jungle, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The transformation that I have experienced since the Spring 2012 TT has been profound. Profoundly hard, sad, confusing, hurtful and painful. That was the beginning. What happened next, over the last year, has been nothing short of a wonder. I have experienced my greatest personal growth, in my life, since then. But it wasn't delivered to me on a platter. How about on a bed of nails. (does that make sense?) The lengths that I needed to push myself were incredible. You know how you hear the phase "phoenix rising"... well I now know what the hell that is... it's me. I've broken through ALL the shit I had been carrying with me for so many years. I left it behind. It's all, now, in the past and I lead with my heart. I lead with compassion for myself. I want to feel more and love more. I see only good things.. I see myself. To all the Yogins at the Bikram Spring 2013 TT happening now - I wish you all the best. You don't have to break your life in two to find yourself, like I did. Everyone has their own path to take and I know you will find it! Namaste.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Anguilla dreaming

Hi. If you're reading my post from Anguilla. I'm ready to come visit. Anytime..... Just looked up your island. Do people really get to live in such a beautiful place? It looks like a fairytale land, like where Peter Pan lives. Boise is still cold. Snowed again, but the sun is out. No yoga today and to be honest I think I overindulged in wine last night. My sister is visiting. Lots of good talking and wine drinking. Tommorrow back in the hot room. Have some interesting yoga things to say but another time. Got to run the kids to their Dad's house. But Anguilla - I'll be waiting.... really.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yoga Ready

I've been doing a couple doubles lately. Feels so good after the second class about the time you're in Eagle. Hardest part is again, just walking into the hot room. 90% of the work is just showing up. Next 10% is a ass kicking but it feel so good. The good bit is directly after class. I feel so good that I've done my work, 90 minutes, once again. Love this yoga. So, I've started a great project. This summer I'm putting together the "Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Week". Really excited about it. It's my own Karma Yoga. I have help from a few key yoga practitioners from around the state. All different yoga disciplines. I met with a few physicians so far and it looks likely that I will have access to teach yoga in the hospital and distribute information about the Awareness Week in the clinics. I'll be attending conferences that deal with health and fitness, promoting the week. I hope I have an opportunity to present data at a couple. There's so much good yoga data now. Showing direct benefit with the human body, chronic disease and quality of life. The Cleveland Clinic just brought on a Yoga Manager to teach full time to docs and patients. I know this is the future of health care. Part of it. East and West. Together and simultaneously 50/50....

Monday, February 4, 2013


First thing I want to say is whomever is reading my blog in Belarus, you rock! I didn't even know that was a country until you popped up. Now I do. Learning all the time. So cheers to you, way way way up there in Belarus. I would like to come visit someday. Still want to hit Latvia. Teach for Kristop's Dad. (hint hint) OK so yes, I enjoy looking at all the countries who visit my blog. Very cool. Such a big world, such a small world. Looking forward to seeing much much more. Looking for a place to visit after Nice, France this summer with Paul. Late August if anyone needs us in the EU. So, what can I say, life is good. My practice is still changing, developing. I find that the more centered I am during practice is a direct correlation to my life events. Such a peaceful place to be. Peace of mind.... hmmmm kind of like this. A friend laughed at me the other day becuase she asked what food item I was bringing to a party and I said, "I'll bring the drama". Funny, yes I used to bring that... not so much anymore. Only on special occasions now. Namaste.

Friday, January 25, 2013

BOI-SLC-PDX-MFR-William Shakespeare Land

In route from Boise, Idaho to Medford, Oregon (ultimately Ashland, OR) the hard way or the fun way. Boise via Salt Lake City, then back the other direction to Portland (here now) to Medford and cab ride to Ashland. Teaching back in "William Shakespeare Land" for the next four days. Seriously missing these Yogins (I think that's plural for yogi). I love Ashland and it doesn't suprise me that I'm, once again, drawn to this area of the world. I thought about moving here after my last visit. But no dice. Can't do it without the kids. It's ok, everything is fucking better than ok, it's great. I'm working with State of Idaho to do a "proclamation" for a Yoga Week. I'm in the beginning steps of putting together the largest yoga class ever in the state. To be held this summer on the steps of the capital building. If you're reading this blog, then consider yourself invited. Namaste.

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Gear

In route to Ashland, Oregon to teach. Can't wait. I have a history with Ashland. I used to live in Seattle. Went to college at the University of Washington, back when the football team was good. Huskie football, still coming back. Sometimes is takes a while (or 15 years). Seattle to Ashland is 8 hours driving. I loved to visit during the summer. The Shakespeare festival is one of the nations best. Ashland is one of those small, but big towns, that attracts a lot of diverse interests. So you can easily disappear. (Ketchum, Idaho is another one of these gems) Lots of art, lots of natural beauty, lots of really good food. And Bikram yoga! What else do you need? The last class I taught in Boise, I brought up "born baby, die baby", from our Guru Bikram Choudhury. Didn't think that would be coming out of my mouth yet. But it did. Straight into "first gear, second gear, third..." (this is for all the BHY teachers out there) I've arrived at the point where I can teach and think of something else while teaching. Sounds easy enough but seriously its like learning how to walk. Learning to love the dialoge. Paul makes fun of me because I read it alot still. Australians... What's up with the blooming onions and Foster beer anyway?

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year!

Time to check back in. Went to Austalia to visit Paul over Christmas. My third trip in last six months. I'm starting to worry about blood clots in my legs from the long haul flights. A much better thing to worry about than the flight going down in flames, which I would think about over and over again after 9/11. I was living in New Jersey when the towers were hit. My sister lived in NYC. I could see the smoke. Panic was everywhere. I started actually having panic attacks, on planes, after that. But that's all in the past now. No more panic. Christmas was beautiful. And now off into a new year. 2013 has much in store. I leave for Ashland, Oregon in a week to teach. Be back in Salt Lake, with Paul this time, in March. I'll teach in France for a month this summer as well! I told myself two years ago that I would #1. Go to TT and become a BHY instuctor and then #2. Teach in France. Anything is attainable, nothing is insurmountable. Absolutely nothing. Teaching is pure joy. I feel like I'm part of the class, in my mind I'm doing the postures with my students. It's so increadible to see what people are capable of. Truly. 2013. Bring it!