Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yoga Ready

I've been doing a couple doubles lately. Feels so good after the second class about the time you're in Eagle. Hardest part is again, just walking into the hot room. 90% of the work is just showing up. Next 10% is a ass kicking but it feel so good. The good bit is directly after class. I feel so good that I've done my work, 90 minutes, once again. Love this yoga. So, I've started a great project. This summer I'm putting together the "Idaho Health and Yoga Awareness Week". Really excited about it. It's my own Karma Yoga. I have help from a few key yoga practitioners from around the state. All different yoga disciplines. I met with a few physicians so far and it looks likely that I will have access to teach yoga in the hospital and distribute information about the Awareness Week in the clinics. I'll be attending conferences that deal with health and fitness, promoting the week. I hope I have an opportunity to present data at a couple. There's so much good yoga data now. Showing direct benefit with the human body, chronic disease and quality of life. The Cleveland Clinic just brought on a Yoga Manager to teach full time to docs and patients. I know this is the future of health care. Part of it. East and West. Together and simultaneously 50/50....

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