Monday, February 4, 2013


First thing I want to say is whomever is reading my blog in Belarus, you rock! I didn't even know that was a country until you popped up. Now I do. Learning all the time. So cheers to you, way way way up there in Belarus. I would like to come visit someday. Still want to hit Latvia. Teach for Kristop's Dad. (hint hint) OK so yes, I enjoy looking at all the countries who visit my blog. Very cool. Such a big world, such a small world. Looking forward to seeing much much more. Looking for a place to visit after Nice, France this summer with Paul. Late August if anyone needs us in the EU. So, what can I say, life is good. My practice is still changing, developing. I find that the more centered I am during practice is a direct correlation to my life events. Such a peaceful place to be. Peace of mind.... hmmmm kind of like this. A friend laughed at me the other day becuase she asked what food item I was bringing to a party and I said, "I'll bring the drama". Funny, yes I used to bring that... not so much anymore. Only on special occasions now. Namaste.

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