Friday, January 25, 2013

BOI-SLC-PDX-MFR-William Shakespeare Land

In route from Boise, Idaho to Medford, Oregon (ultimately Ashland, OR) the hard way or the fun way. Boise via Salt Lake City, then back the other direction to Portland (here now) to Medford and cab ride to Ashland. Teaching back in "William Shakespeare Land" for the next four days. Seriously missing these Yogins (I think that's plural for yogi). I love Ashland and it doesn't suprise me that I'm, once again, drawn to this area of the world. I thought about moving here after my last visit. But no dice. Can't do it without the kids. It's ok, everything is fucking better than ok, it's great. I'm working with State of Idaho to do a "proclamation" for a Yoga Week. I'm in the beginning steps of putting together the largest yoga class ever in the state. To be held this summer on the steps of the capital building. If you're reading this blog, then consider yourself invited. Namaste.

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