Friday, January 11, 2013

First Gear

In route to Ashland, Oregon to teach. Can't wait. I have a history with Ashland. I used to live in Seattle. Went to college at the University of Washington, back when the football team was good. Huskie football, still coming back. Sometimes is takes a while (or 15 years). Seattle to Ashland is 8 hours driving. I loved to visit during the summer. The Shakespeare festival is one of the nations best. Ashland is one of those small, but big towns, that attracts a lot of diverse interests. So you can easily disappear. (Ketchum, Idaho is another one of these gems) Lots of art, lots of natural beauty, lots of really good food. And Bikram yoga! What else do you need? The last class I taught in Boise, I brought up "born baby, die baby", from our Guru Bikram Choudhury. Didn't think that would be coming out of my mouth yet. But it did. Straight into "first gear, second gear, third..." (this is for all the BHY teachers out there) I've arrived at the point where I can teach and think of something else while teaching. Sounds easy enough but seriously its like learning how to walk. Learning to love the dialoge. Paul makes fun of me because I read it alot still. Australians... What's up with the blooming onions and Foster beer anyway?

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