Saturday, April 20, 2013


Well, it's been awhile... Didn't want anyone to think I forgot about my "bleeding heart" blog that I created in order to get me through TT and turned out to be my therapy after. Its been a year, almost to the date since I arrived at the Radisson Hotel at LAX. A year since embarking on, what I thought would be a yoga teacher training program. Instead what I found was myself and the venue in which I found it was on the yoga mat, in Los Angeles, at the Radisson, concrete jungle, nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The transformation that I have experienced since the Spring 2012 TT has been profound. Profoundly hard, sad, confusing, hurtful and painful. That was the beginning. What happened next, over the last year, has been nothing short of a wonder. I have experienced my greatest personal growth, in my life, since then. But it wasn't delivered to me on a platter. How about on a bed of nails. (does that make sense?) The lengths that I needed to push myself were incredible. You know how you hear the phase "phoenix rising"... well I now know what the hell that is... it's me. I've broken through ALL the shit I had been carrying with me for so many years. I left it behind. It's all, now, in the past and I lead with my heart. I lead with compassion for myself. I want to feel more and love more. I see only good things.. I see myself. To all the Yogins at the Bikram Spring 2013 TT happening now - I wish you all the best. You don't have to break your life in two to find yourself, like I did. Everyone has their own path to take and I know you will find it! Namaste.

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